Nursery Framed Multi Portraits

Welcome to our new range of Special Framed

Nursery Portraits

Sample in Nursery

 Framed Display with a range of options:

12″x 12″   £45

18″x 18″  £65

24″x 24″  £85

multi frame

Background in White, Black, Grey, Blue, Pink and Buff

Frames selection scroll down to view

 16″x 8″ Triple Frame with same options as above

triple tylerTriple Frames

16″x8″  £ 40.00

20″x 10″  £55.00

24″x 12″  £ 75.00

Welcome to our new range of Multi Frames


Over the last few years I have been asked many times why do you take so many nice portraits of the children and only offer packs of single images.  So I have introduced the multi frame concept where you can choose a number of your favourite pictures and have them all in one frame, you can choose from 1 to 9 images to put in your frame all for the same price!

I can create layout from any number up to nine. Please use order form attached to your photos. The form has 9 squares fill in the boxes with the number you have , you can leave it to me to do the locations or you can place them in the order you would like.

First step, choose your pictures:

List them on the order form.

Choose the layout.

designs set1 flat jpeg

For example if you have 5 pictures

 152-abc  154-abc
 164-abc  165-abc

Or list the ones you want and I will design it for you.


Choose the Colour of the Background, these are our standard colours if you require other colours please see our designer service at the bottom of the page.Colour Bkgrd samples JPEG

Now the frame colour

Frame Selection

Black-Silver-Gold-Light Wood-Dark Wood.

 Frame Choice

That should be it.

Designer be spoke services are available, for example should you require a special colour or a diffrent frame or would like a layout designed especialy for you, then contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a quote.