Contemporary Portraiture

Contemporary Portraiture

A far cry from those static poses of yesteryearSo what is Contemporary Portraiture?

Today’s  portrait sessions have evolved a great deal from the static, impersonal events they once were.

Portrait sessions are all about the experience.  Whether in the clean uncluttered modern studio environment,  or at an outdoor location or even settings in and around your own home.  It is all according to your taste and the style in which you would like your family to be photographed.

The Master Photographers Association (of which Mike Williams is a former regional chairman) has this to say:

A pre-portrait consultation with your photographer is recommended, as this will give you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and the possible settings/venues for your portrait session.

If possible, present your photographer with some magazine images which may illustrate the style of photography which appeals to you. This will aid you both in designing how your portrait may look. Preparing for a portrait sitting in this manner will help to ensure that at the end of the experience you have images which suit your tastes and style.

Take a selection of appropriate clothing to the photographic session, as this will ensure that the photographer can provide you with a variety of images. Neutral coloured clothes are generally thought to be the best, although these can be highlighted with splashes of bright colours to add interest. It is best, however, to avoid colours which are too intense, unless or course, this is what you feel most comfortable wearing.

If a child is to be photographed, remember to take a favourite toy along to the portrait sitting, as well as any accessories which may help to bring out the child’s personality. This will help to make the child feel more secure, as well as add a more personal touch to the images.

Where photographing babies and very small children, it is important to timetable the session around their own individual routines. Photographing a tired or hungry child would not produce the best quality portraits, so it is vital that they are made to feel comfortable. Discuss the portrait sitting with the child beforehand to prepare them for the event.

As a photographer with a “creative eye”, Mike certainly subscribes to this.  He is one of those rare photographers who can combine the vast experience he has gained over his long career, with a creative eye and a finger on the pulse of the modern trends in photography.

All this will go to ensure your portrait by Mike Williams is an up-to-the-minute artwork of today and will become a treasured artwork of tomorrow.

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