SWPP Photography Convention 2009

After six days and nights in The Novatel Hotel, Hammersmith,  London it is nice to get back to Wales, but what a Convention over 12,000 photographers, speakers from all over the world and meeting new and old friends.

Shirley and I were overwhelmed with the welcome we had from the friends we have made through the SWPP, many from seminars and workshops I have done over the last ten years with the Society and trade.

My duties were to host speakers like Doug Gordon from the USA and Mark Cleghorn from South Wales and my old Friend Dave Newman. For three days I was on the Mentor Me programme helping new photographers improve their work to gain a higher professional standard.

Shirley’s duties were on reception welcoming people on arrival. Shirley and I have always made it our goal to be friendly and sociable to our fellow photographers, I do not know of many other Business’ that have so close a relationship with each other.

Keeping up with new ideas and sharing knowledge keeps me on my toes in this ever changing world. The world of photography has changed so much and is still evolving that any photographer not keeping pace, will become a dinosaur in their own lifetime. It does make for exciting times seeing what is coming next and how it will change the way we work and create the Photography and Photographers of the future.