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Training 2011

Camera Craft


Photoshop and Lightroom Training



At The Studio of Mike Williams

 Dates not fixed yet in  March-April 2011

9.30 a.m. to  5.30 p.m.


 Getting to know your Digital Camera

and Photoshop


A day of getting to know the tools to make great photographs.

The Automatic digital camera “offers” to create great photos for you without any knowledge of photography skills.

Yes they will get you some way towards creating photographs, but most people then get confused and frustrated how to control and use all the different settings, when do you use programme settings? why do you need aperture priority? or shutter priority? What diffrence does changing ISO settings do to the picture?  I will take you through all these controls and many more so you become master of your camera. You can then create the pictures you want.

Well almost the next step to great photographs is image manipulation Cropping, Resizing, Colour adjustment and enhancements. I will show you the basics of Photoshop and some other software that are available free online.

The Day is getting to grips with the basics of Light, Camera, and the Computer.

Portrait Day


Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

Photographing People can be the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of photography.



Outside: (weather permitting) choosing location, light direction and quality of light.  Modifying light with reflectors and fill in flash.  Getting the correct exposure and choice of colour temperature settings.  Choice of lens to use and depth of field to enhance your portraits.

Inside: Setting up a Permanent Studio. Backgrounds, lighting, props and tricks of the trade techniques.

Setting up a Temporary Studio at home using furnishing and simple lighting techniques.


Cameras these days are sold on the pretence that all you have to do is put it on Auto and all your problems are solved.  As you have probably found out, this is not the case and the opposite is true, it seems to make matters worse.

Getting familiar with your camera and lens. Setting up your camera for Portraiture.  The use of  Rawfiles, colour temperature, File size if you are on Jpeg settings and when to use auto settings and when to use manual settings.  Using a tripod, camera angles and height adjustments.


Posing and setting up the shot is the skill of the Portrait Photographer.  Correctly placing the subject, body language and controlling the light are the key elements to a good portrait.  I will demonstrate male and female angles.

High Key Portraits (White background) for the modern look and Classic Low Key (Dark background).

Post production in Photoshop, soft focus and basic retouching.

Full Day course £50 (Book for both Training Days for £80)



Photoshop and Lightroom Day

                                                                                  TRAINING DAY

Using Lightroomto create and organise a quick workflow

Exposure correcting;

Cropping, Spot removal, Gradient filters, and adjustment brush, these tools are ideal for quick retouching and masking.

Setting up Templates for exporting and burning to disc.  Using the vast array of adjustments to adjust colour, expose etc. Slide show for a quick and easy way to show your images.

Printing with Lightroom; Creating templates for multi-printing; Page Setups and Printer Profiling.

Web page designing using this module to create Proofing web shows or to enhance your web pages.

Photoshopcan be used as the Editor in Lightroom.  This is a simple matter of exporting from Lightroom to Photoshop for more complex retouching, enhancements and special effects.

I will be demonstrating using Raw and DNG file formats in both 16 bit and 8 bit file sizes, with the normal Photoshop adjustments along with Layers and Layer masks and the use of Actions to simplify and speed up work flow.

For new comers to Photoshop I will run through the basic set-ups and colour settings.


I now use Lightroom for 80% of my Digital Work and 20% in Photoshop. This has dramatically reduced the time in front of the Computer and with the many Presets I have created it has reduced the stress of remembering to do all the functions.

Full Day course £50 (Book for both Training Days for £80)

Refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch is provided. (Special diet requirements please phone or email).

For those who have not been before, it is a chance to meet new friends and pick up useful tips from each other.

If you have a particular problem or topic you would like me to cover let me know before the day so that I can include it in the Programme.

To Book phone Mike or Shirley.  Payment can be made by Cheque or Card.

email us or phone 01745 560633

If you need an overnight stay we are happy to help you find a local B&B.

Trains to Prestatyn Station, will pick up.

We look forward to seeing you.

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